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Bushwalking is a strenuous physical activity. To give us an indication of your current fitness and your bushwalking experience, please answer the following questions as accurately as you can. If we have any concerns about your application for membership, we will contact you directly.

1. Do you undertake any endurance exercise (20mins+) on a regular basis?  
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4. Have you done any overnight bushwalking carrying a backpack (around 12 kg)?  
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In order to facilitate communication amongst members, when organizing attendance at SBW activities, we publish a Membership List (including name, suburb and phone numbers). This information is updated each year, and sent to all the Members, on the basis that details are not promulgated beyond the club. Our Members are very respectful of this. We have therefore made the "default" in the Database that Members are listed in the Membership List.
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By submitting this form, you acknowledge the following. All participants, including visitors, are reminded that they join in activities as volunteers. Your fitness is your responsibility. Bushwalking and other activities on our program have associated risks including but not limited to the risk of accidental injury.

All persons joining in any activities of the Sydney Bush Walkers Inc. do so as volunteers in all respects and as such accept sole responsibility for any injury howsoever incurred and the Sydney Bush Walkers Inc, its office bearers and appointed leaders are absolved from any liability in respect of any injury or damage suffered whilst engaging in any such activity