Sydney Bush Walkers Inc. - Common NSW Walks Regions

When you're new to bushwalking, places such as Ironmonger, Krungle Bungles and the expansive Wollemi probably sound like a foreign language.

Use this handy Google map to find your way around some of the more common areas that we walk in. It will help you work out travel time also.

Instructions for using the Google Map

Click the '+' button on the top left of the map to zoom right in and see the various blue markers pointing to common walking areas of the Sydney Bush Walkers. If you click on a blue marker, it will pop up with a name of the location as well as a link option for 'Directions', which will enable you to work out the travel time and distance from your location.

Alternatively, click this link to go direct to the Google Map displaying marked locations for easier viewing in a full browser window.

Go to NSW Bushwalking Areas Map with all the place names tagged in a larger window. Copyright © 2019 Sydney Bush Walkers Inc.