Sydney Bush Walkers Inc. - Bill Raffle

 Bill at Kanangra 

Why do you bush walk?

It's fun going into the bush with friends (old and new).

When did you join SBW?


What's your favourite piece of gear in your pack and why?

Fishing rod and bivvy bag.


What is the average weight of your overnight pack, without water?

Around 10kg.

What's one piece of advice you can offer new walkers that you wish you knew when you started?

Do yourself a favour and get a bivvy bag.

A memorable walk?

Mother Woila led by John Flint.  A mix of adventure and drama with a fantastic group.


What kind of walks do you like?

Overnight walks, they are like mini holidays.

Do you have a walks philosophy or motto?

 What is the worst that can happen.

What's on your walking wish list?

More Tasmania, New Zealand, Budawangs - and anywhere I haven't been.

Any other passions/interests?

Kayaking with the NSW Sea Kayak Club

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