Bound by a desire for outdoor adventure in wonderful natural areas of Sydney, Australia and beyond, we are a Bushwalking group of diverse backgrounds seeking an opportunity to build fitness, make new friends, acquire navigation, survival and first aid skills to be sufficient in the Aussie bush as well as developing leadership skills.
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Attendance at the Basic Skills Workshop is a mandatory qualifying event for all Prospective Members striving to become Full Members.

Bushcraft , Centennial Park      

Photo: Mark Wigley      

Basic Skills Workshops are also a great training opportunity. Volunteer facilitators will lead you through hands on navigation learning exercises, and discuss bushcraft, safety and first aid in the bush.

The Workshops are held every three months at Centennial Park. They typically start at 8am and finish around 4pm. See the Activities Program for scheduling.

You can start walking with the Club before you attend a Basic Skills Workshop, but make sure you do a Workshop in your first 12 months.

Very experienced walkers who join the Club can still benefit from attending the Workshops. They can learn more about the Club’s culture and contribute to the discussion.

Remote First Aid Training      

Photo: Mark Wigley      

Navigation, Centennial Park      

Photo: Mark Wigley      

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